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Making videos to promote a business is perhaps the most effective way of marketing. As the average attention span reduces, the need to make concise yet captivating videos rises. Even if you are a small business or a local brand, making videos to promote and strengthen your company is perhaps the most lucrative and economical way to reach your target audience

Video marketing has been in vogue for more than a decade. Suppose you have many ways to educate, attract, and convert potential customers that you’re not putting to use. The common misconception is that it is a difficult marketing tool, and the costs incurred cannot predict the ROI. 

This article explains eight ways to make videos to enhance your brand value and attract more customers. We will explore several plans to create a funnel of marketing videos. You will also know about the types of videos in your funnel and how to create engaging videos. 

Here are eight ways to make videos that will strengthen your brand or business;

  1. Choose your audience

To promote your brand or business, you first need a target audience. These are the groups of people your brand or business should market products to. Choosing the wrong kind of audience inevitably leads to the failure to make a video marketing strategy.

You must understand what your viewers expect from you and what types of videos you should create to answer their questions without causing them any inconvenience directly.

So before deciding to invest in a video marketing tool decide who you are selling to and why it is the best one around. Making video content is an effective method to employ and it helps to bring your brand into the spotlight. It is an easy process, too, once you get it. Try to do it on your own using an online video maker available.  All the brands today are putting it to use somehow or another. 

  1. Be clear and concise.

After deciding upon your target audience, it is time to determine a message to attract them. Studies show that around 6 seconds into a video, more than half of the viewers lose their interest or look for a ‘skip this ad’ button. Put your message across clearly and concisely in those crucial first few seconds.

You could also use this idea to develop a unique catchphrase or plant an idea that goes viral. Thus devising a good script to make videos is highly essential. It would help you to focus on what your brand has to offer that is unique and lucrative for the end-user. 

  1. Show off your product, skills, and organization.

Once you have a target audience and a clear message, it is time to show them your wares. Show your product, skills, or the organization behind it; let them know the specifics. You could make product videos for your brand using an online video maker to show how the products are made, how you use your skills to offer quality service, or how your organization works to attract them more to you.

Come up with a catchy phrase, or use a unique editing style; be creative. However, there are a few technicalities you must bear in mind before making and editing videos for such marketing strategies. When the audience knows the inner workings of your company, it helps in trust-building.

Showing them tidbits about your working area or how you design your products or cater your services to customers; help people bond emotionally with the brand, thus increasing its value. 

  1. Create a story

Including real people is a must. It is a strategy that many successful brands have used to promote themselves. It captivates your audience and makes the video content much more relatable to them. Show your daily routine on a regular workday, add testimonials from previous customers, or ask your employees to let the audience know how your brand treats them. However, merely shooting a video will not work.

There should be a script and purpose to fuel your marketing technique and strategy. The correct approach is to take your time and research your buyers’ needs. Making videos costs time, effort, and money and, at times, does not lead to any results.

Conversely, it may also cause more hindrance than assisting you. So choosing the right kind of audience is necessary before making a video to attract them. This intrigues the potential customer to be attracted to your brand; creates the right amount of curiosity. For this, a well-devised script is essential. Apart from this, the edits must be precise and uniquely depict how your brand is different from all the others.

  1. Offer solutions to problems

Research the market and find out the common problems in your genre of products. There are no perfect products in this day and age. Each product comes with its set of merits and demerits. Inform the audience about your primary focus and how you intend to address it. Make videos to tell them why it is the best solution at the best price. This adds to your brand value and increases the potential customer base.

  1. Call to action

Not all intrigued customers will make a move spontaneously. Include a well-placed call to action. Several studies have shown that videos with a call to action have a higher conversion rate. A well-implemented call to action will improve your customer base and strengthen your brand at the same time. Most videos opt to put such calls to action at the end.

However, you could try to be more unique and incorporate it within the video itself. You can experiment with this call to action, and if integrated successfully will bring a higher rate of conversion. 

  1. Use your expertise and include how-to videos.

Every brand has a set of dedicated experts to research, develop and address problems in a product. Use your video to guide your audience. Use a how-to video to navigate them on certain overlooked features that may provide a nifty edge over others in the market.

Tell your audience and your present and future customers how best to use your products. Studies show that the human mind can better grasp information and knowledge when depicted visually. Thus providing video guides and tutorials to demonstrate your expertise in your products and services is undoubtedly a way to improve your brand awareness, strengthening your brand name and value.

Showing expertise in a field by making such instructional videos will also help build brand authority. As more and more people learn instructive videos from your brands, the more they begin to trust your brand.

  1. Find the right platform

Finding the right platform to promote your brand is a crucial decision. A video that goes viral on Youtube or Facebook might not even trend on Twitter. It refers to a misjudgment of where you post the video. Each social media platform has its algorithms, audience base, and not to mention its formats. 

Remember that an ad campaign or a valued product does not attract customers. It is the brand value that matters the most. People are intrigued by the brand itself, not the product or its know-how.

Thus targeting the right audience to build brand loyalty goes a long way in strengthening your brand. Making the right kind of videos, choosing suitable social media, and most importantly, putting across a clear and concise message to the audience is what attracts them to your brand.



Every video you have created for your funnel should be engaging enough for the end user.

Remember, your goal is attraction, education, and conversion of potential buyers, the loyal customers of the future. Thus, you must dedicate some budget to promoting your videos on the paid front. It’s essential to look at using paid media as more of an investment mode in today’s world.

Most brands struggle or hesitate to commit to paid media because they don’t understand it or feel it wastes money. Do not commit the same mistake as most brands do, as using paid video ads will also help you reach your target audience faster. This will fill the top of your funnel with more attractive and engaging content that will drive more buyers through to the bottom to convert.

Paul Simiyu

Founder and Team Lead of Simpaul Design, a brand strategy and design agency in Nairobi, Kenya. Here at Simpaul Design, we work with brands across various categories with a focus on connecting with consumers and building brands that people want to be a part of. We specialize in brand identity and strategy, UX/UI, and brand transformation.