Cranes Haven

Cranes Haven is a small high-end luxury tented camp, a small indigenous forest within farm with 5 accommodation units. It aims to capture the nostalgia of old times. Cranes Haven has 20 resident crested cranes on the farm and 89 bird species residing. The business aims to introduce some bushbucks and dik-diks.

The client needed a logo in a motif of a crane a wordmark, and distinctive color palette were needed to identify the new brand. The symbol design is a stylised crane icon — appropriate for the brand name, for the service, and because it’s simple enough in appearance to be easily remembered.

Additional project items included cutlery, uniforms, vehicles, stationery and website design. So with website guest are able to make reservation for visiting Cranes Haven with three independent tents and one family tent with two accommodation quarters. The visitors have the comfort of capturing a rustic bush elegant theme from the tent.

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