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Equity Bank has just launched a new brand identity not being the first brand to have had a major rebrand in Kenya this year. Rebranding has never been an easy thing to crack especially if it encompasses having a fresh new look. Regardless of the company size without approaching your rebrand strategically, your business runs a significant risk of losing a lot of time, money, and market share.

Often times it is important to start by understanding branding and why you may need to rebrand before the implementation of new brand identity, logo or website. Learning from companies that have had different outcomes from their rebranding strategy we are able to master on the do’s and dont’s of rebranding.

With the new brand identity for Equity Bank which dropped the name Group, Bank, Insurance, or Investment, they emphasized the use of wordmark (logotype) ‘Equity’ that makes them stand out in their commitment to transformation and regional expansion.

With the need to engulf its product under one roof that included; banking, insurance, and investment. The rebrand came at the opportune time informing the adoption of only the wordmark Equity.

The recent rebrand of Equity Bank stands to be a major milestone as they celebrate 35 years since it was founded and have grown to have a remarkable market share in Kenya. The bank has been well known for its commitment as a financial institution among SMEs in Kenya for growth and social impact.

Right from when it began on its journey of transformation to modernize it, the brand has done all it could to get closer and better their service to its customers, according to Equity Group CEO and Managing Director Dr James Mwangi


New Identity

The new logo for the brand incorporates the balance between the house graphic element and the (wordmark) logotype that makes it distinct from the previous identity. The adoption of a simple house illustration has generated numerous reaction as Equity Bank stand to mark a new phase in the implementation of their strategy to scale on their market within the region.

The colour palette of the brand too was redone with the use of two swatches making the logo still identifiable from a distance.


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The use of the grids had been adopted in making the logo quite firm with its strokes and has the boldness in the statement that it portrays.

Dropping of the types in the logo to be just Equity would be something for its customers to adopt who are used to Equity Bank.


What do you think about the Equity Bank rebrand? Let us know what you thought(s) in the comments below.


Paul Simiyu

Founder and Team Lead of Simpaul Design, a brand strategy and design agency in Nairobi, Kenya. Here at Simpaul Design, we work with brands across various categories with a focus on connecting with consumers and building brands that people want to be a part of. We specialize in brand identity and strategy, UX/UI, and brand transformation.


  • I prefer the first one as much as change is important. The first logo speaks volumes from a distance even to a prospect but the new one needs the owners to explain or the designer for that matter.

    • Paul S says:

      This is so true, it will take time even for the customers to understand and adapt to the new look backed with the reasons that the brand considered in need to have a rebrand.

    • I like the rebrand of NIC Bank and CBA Bank ….. They have merged and their brand still retains some content of the two initial banks. Even by a look, you can guess or identify the banks. Look for it NCBA Group Plc and initial logos you can tell what I mean.
      Re-branding is good but don’t forget the illiterate who knew you with the identity before. So make sure there is one thing that will still stand and speak the same message as it were before.

    • Paul S says:

      That?s why as designers we may need to test our design by getting feedback from customers that will save the clients money and time which most of them don?t factor that. Most client when they like the design that?s it, the next thing you see is the billboard with their new logo.

      So designers work to please the client with their work more than solving the problem of the customers in understanding what the brand does.

  • Kev says:

    To be honest the new logo is pathetic. Too plain, no creativity!!!