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Has it ever occurred to you that suddenly the leads are drying up? Wouldn’t you feel better if there was a process to set up that would make sure that leads kept on flowing and that too with the bare minimum effort? Well, the online market is going to continue to evolve.

Hence, below – mentioned are the 7 fail-proof ways to generate online leads:

1. SEO

For most problems, people go to Google typing, “Best place to buy a particular product,” “Where can I go for the vacation in winter holidays,” or “Which beauty product is the best for dark skin tone.” The brand that solves these problems as quickly as possible and without too much fuss emerges as a winner.
Search Engine Optimization Agencies are the best way to generate leads because people are always going to click what is ranking higher on the search engine pages. The experts of SEO will know how to use it to the brand’s advantage and generate effective online leads.

2. PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertisement is buying the prospective lead, but that will prove to be of higher quality. Because leads generated from PPC campaigns are reliable and can be converted into buyers easily. The technique is to target the correct keyword, and your work is done.

But before jumping to selecting keywords for the brand, you must be aware of long-tail and short-tail keywords. Also, it should be known how to carry out the PPC Ad campaign with the correct keywords; stuffing them doesn’t do any good either.

3. Social Media

Again, like PPC Advertisement, social media is able to generate high–quality leads as well. It has become the most money-spending advertisement medium, especially during the last two years, and generating a lead from there has become favourable.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn make it easier to get the message directly. Again, in turn, this makes it easier to connect to the buyers/customers. Social Media advertisements help you reach your brand’s exact audience. It increases engagement by selecting the correct group of people who have the potential to get turned into quality leads.

Demography-targeted social media ads could generate more and better leads because that is the most accessible audience to attract. Consulting top digital marketing agencies could be the safest bet while managing different social media handles.

4. Email Marketing

Whether you own an E-commerce business or any other business for that matter, the Email Marketing strategy to generate needs to jot down first thing. If your brand’s E-Newsletter has good content, is neatly formatted and curated with correct information, and is shot out on a regular basis. Some effective leads can be generated from it.
If an email is shot once a week with offers, discounts, contests, information, and data, there is no chance it shouldn’t work out. It is not necessary to promote your brand in all the emails; you can make use of the signature section. But invest in hiring an expert who will help you form an adequate email because otherwise, there is no chance in the world that it would work out in your favour.
To conclude, Email Marketing is a lead-generation magnet.

5. Webinar

The webinar is an online equivalent of a seminar or other educational or informative session.
Mostly the webinars are paid, but the lead-generating webinars are free sessions wherein people join, and the brand is endorsed. It requires registrations which help brands gather the details of people and then go for personalized marketing.

Also, a webinar shouldn’t be mistaken for an event that promotes the brand. It should be educational and knowledge-providing.

The key to hosting a successful webinar is to make a list of topics that are pertaining to your brand, current topics, and something that adds value to everything that people already know. It shouldn’t be a thinly veiled sales pitch; otherwise, notable leads won’t generate.

6. Podcast

People have always responded to storytelling, and podcast is another name for storytelling. If you know how to turn storytelling to your brand’s benefit, genuine leads can be generated from the podcast. It doesn’t take much to record a podcast, but the content and deliverance of it should be crisp and influential.

People should not feel bored while listening to your podcast, or they will leave halfway. Everyone listening to your podcast might not directly go to your landing page; instead, you must explicitly direct them there. People do not mind listening to a promotional podcast as long as it is entertaining and makes them think about the problems that will be solved with your brand’s products and services.
Thus, this is the surefire way to generate leads, provided the content is catchy enough.

7. Video Marketing

Videos are seen everywhere today but for all good reasons. People are investing in video marketing because it holds too much credibility. When a person interested in your brand watches a video, will become a lead that can be converted. But when a person who might not have anything to do with your brand, and watch the video, they will be converted too. That is how powerful video marketing can prove to be for functional lead generation.

Bonus: Blogging

Blogging – written content might never go out of style. As long as people can read, they will want to read. And if the texture of the content is rich and smooth, leads will be generated. Again, with blogging, promoting your brand outrightly might not work out in your favour. However, making it exciting and personalized so that everyone thinks the article is for them can be.
Blogging is easy and can be outsourced to the top content writing agencies. They will create articles that will be liked by the people, making them interested in your brand. Lead-generating content needs to be planned well and cannot and shouldn’t be anything haphazard.
Thus, blogging is about defining the goals for content writing, integrating it with your social media sites, and linking it with the landing pages you want them to go to.

Wrapping Up:

A brand is a diamond in the rough waiting to be cut, polished, and refined by experts in various fields. Generating online leads is one such area that requires skilled people who know what they are doing when they are asked to generate leads. GoodFirms is a portal with a list of companies that can assist you with online lead generation and other services. Please go check it out.

Paul Simiyu

Founder and Team Lead of Simpaul Design, a brand strategy and design agency in Nairobi, Kenya. Here at Simpaul Design, we work with brands across various categories with a focus on connecting with consumers and building brands that people want to be a part of. We specialize in brand identity and strategy, UX/UI, and brand transformation.