Jenttman Branded Ecommerce Website

Exclusive collections from globally recognized brands

Jenttman is an online retail enterprise, offering a totally unique experience exclusively for the gentleman in Africa & beyond. Jenttman was founded in 2016 and is growing into a brand that stirs digital innovation within the region through an independent spirit by inspiring its fashion-loving customer to experiment with style.

The company vast mix of product includes exclusive collections from globally recognized brands, carefully curated for a style-obsessed following. Through the local and international market Jenttman focus on delivering the latest trends to their customers.





What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design

Creating an Incredible

User Experience.

Designing user experiences that delight is a difficult task. It takes a highly skilled team of experts: user experience strategists, user interface designers, copywriters, photographers, and engineers. Simpaul Design assembled a team of specialist to craft and optimize the user experience.

Kicking things off with a solid strategy.

At the core of every Simpaul Design project lies a concrete strategy. Whether we are crafting a new brand identity, an award-winning video, or in this case, an effective and delightful user experience, every project starts with a plan.

We worked closely with the Jenttman leadership and marketing teams to develop user profiles, journeys and stories, then applied these to a new navigation structure and information architecture.

Read more about the Jenttman brand strategy.

The unique Jenttman UX challenge.

Every great digital product strikes a fine balance between business goals and user needs. The Jenttman site was no different. While the overarching business goal was to make it easier for users to buy gents merchandise, there were several user goals that needed to be addressed and accomplished. We were able to strike a nice balance between driving sales, helping users plan for the launch.

By preparing users for the conference ahead of time, we were able to improve their experience while attending Anime Expo.

Great UX equals delighted users.

Since the site?s launch in October 2017, has seen a dramatic reduction in bounce rate: over 23% in comparison to the previous month. In addition to bounce rates improving, we increased overall page views by over 184%. These metrics demonstrate that users are finding what they need easier than ever.

Mobile minded design.

A significant percentage of Jenttman’s traffic consists of viewers on mobile devices. One of our primary goals was to craft the user interface design to be modular, in order to achieve perfect responsiveness, no matter the screen size.

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