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Selling to other businesses is a totally different ballgame, truly.

Businesses tend to be a lot more picky when it comes to buying from other businesses.
And selling to them can be quite difficult in this overly saturated market.

From connecting your brand to your customer base to developing content that attracts and engages your audience, you need a solid B2B strategy.

You need to consider web design, development, and marketing which requires thoughtful planning, execution, and management.

This is where seeking the help of Canny can really make a difference!

Our dedicated team of creatives can handle anything from end-to-end marketing support to business growth hacking, to everything in between!

When selling to other businesses you need to know how to engage with them.

How you attract your target audience in a B2B setting is crucial — especially if you have a lot of competition. Creating buyer personas and identifying what channels to utilise will come in real handy here as it will ensure you’re appealing to the right people.

Compared to B2C businesses, B2B marketing needs to be more informational and straightforward. In contrast to consumer buying behaviour, businesses purchase decisions are driven by revenue and they want to know how your business is serving their demands.

At Simpaul Design, we work with you to outline and define these objectives as they build the foundation of your entire marketing strategy.


01. Quarterly marketing meeting

We conduct quarterly marketing meetings to provide you with regular updates on your project so you feel supported throughout the entirety of the process.

02. Design

Extensive skills and expertise working within the B2B sector as we have helped numerous clients achieve their goals and drive their business forward.

03. Develop

From creating buying personas to developing your website design to creating optimised content, we offer your business the full package at Simpaul Design.

01. Research

Support from our dedicated content team with expertise in SEO to create strategic, targeted content that gets you noticed and attracts new leads.

02. Design

Support from our dedicated branding and design team to define your brand identity and ensure visual consistency to align with your business goals.

03. Develop

Support from our dedicated web development team to ensure your website is fully optimised, and meets your business needs and specific requirements.