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Rebranding your business may often come as a result of many reasons that typically relates to changing the brand image of a company or an organization.

The rebranding process may take different forms depending upon the objective expected to achieve. For instance the rebrand of Orange Kenya to Telkom which took a total and fresh new rebrand in the process in reposition the company in the market. This could not be compared to Safaricom slogan rebrand ?Twaweza?.

Other rebrands might entail a simple change of the logo change while others might refurbish the entire philosophy of the company. In most times the rebrand of the companies is to build on the reputation and strengthen the brand perception by the ideal customers.

In this post, we outline successful rebrands in business and companies in Kenya.


1. Krep Rebrands to Sidian Bank

The famous K-rep Bank adopted a totally new and fresh look brand name ?Sidian Bank?.

The rebrand came when the bank?s growth couldn?t be overlooked hence the new identity that communicates the change in strategy for the future operation of the company.

The new identity for Sidian Bank the logo, typography, colour palette, and pictorial has made it stand out among the commonly known banks in the local pack.

The colours and the identity expressed well the company aim and strategy on enhancing their online products with improving on interactive site experience.

The rebrand also informed the adoption of a new brand style that appeared to be well applied in the website revamp and the user experience that expresses the company goals to customers.


2. Oil Libya Kenya Rebrands To Ola Energy

The former Libya Oil Kenya an oil firm received a new brand which came as a strategy to expand its market in offering modern pan-African energy. This move was seeking to cater to the rapidly changing demands of consumers.

With the new brand name and identity, OLA Energy focuses on exceptional customer care and offering new complementary services in response to the customers? ever-changing needs.

The new identity OLA Energy has enabled the brand to build on its reputation as a dynamic pan-African retailer with the unveiling of new products and services in its operating markets.

The re-branding also was successfully implemented with a new modern and fresh look in 1,100 stations that the Group operates in 17 countries across Africa.

With the rebrand of Oil Libya which came at the appropriate time, this was considered successful as the rebrand captures the essence of the company as a modern energy firm in Kenya and Africa.


3. Orange Rebrands To Telkom

Telkom a top-level telecommunications operator in Kenya had a successful rebrand. The company aim has been to connect people who keep Kenya on the move.

Telkom focus has been on building a strong, consumer-centric ethos ? a commitment to providing innovative, accessible and simple communications solutions that are convenient for customers communication needs.

The total rebrand of Orange to Telkom with a new identity is intended to portray the brand?s new feel and build on the brand perception that is to be reflected in all of Telkom?s shops and offices.

Rebranding of Telkom (Formerly Orange) started from the new visual identity, the logo and more so the brand?s merchandise. The arrow element on ?K? in the logo was built on to identify the brand?s goals of ?Moving With You?.

The symmetrical balance of the K elements above when are flipped horizontally connotes the idea of the direction of moving together. This was carefully thought through with the choice of the typeface used to illustrate the message.

Telkom Kenya rebrand comes with an improvement in the provision of an integrated telecommunications solutions to individuals, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Government and large corporates in Kenya.


4. Taxify Rebrand to Bolt

Bolt (formerly Taxify) launched five years ago with a mission to make urban transportation more convenient and affordable have extended their market in Kenya and extensively in Africa.

With the first brand?s product being the taxi solution that informed the company its original name (Taxify). The growth of the brand seems to have outgrown the need that the brand mission was solving.

The company?s future aim of solving transportation problems on an increasingly broader scale provoked the need for an identity that communicates effortlessly hence the new brand name ?Bolt?.

In strengthening Bolts presence and image in the eyes of local customers in Kenya, rebranding offers a great opportunity for that.

The company has maintained consistency and cohesive strategy with their identity and in their branding and through all channel making it a more successful rebrand in the region.

With the shift experienced with the total rebrand, customers have the experience of using motorcycles, electric scooter among other services that Bolt aiming at doubling in providing multiple transportation options beyond private cars.


5. Safaricom Rebrands With ?Twaweza? Slogan

As design has always been at the core of Safaricom?s business model. The understanding of the building a reputable brand starts with the design of their digital platform and their website both have made Safaricom be a top notch company.

The rebrand of Safaricom logo and introducing the new slogan ?Twaweza? has played an important role in the company?s design and building on customer inclusion in the circle of meeting their daily needs.

Safaricom rebrand adopted a new colour palette that appears to be more bold with an addition of the slogan ?Twaweza? a Swahili word meaning Yes We Can in the new brand identity.

The new visual identity was made to align well with the medium that they were to use. This would include the Safaricom app, the storefront and offices, print media and the website.

As the challenge that comes with any rebrand of a company is to remain relevant in conveying that mission and message to their customers, Safaricom has invested in communicating to its customers with wall paintings, billboards and storefront designs.



6. Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) Rebrand to Communications Authority of Kenya

The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) too had a successful rebranded to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA).

Rebranding for this regulatory body for the communications sector in Kenya came in handy in enhancing their operation and redefining their need to develop and review the regulative mandate.

The body has been involved from the past in regulating electronic wave transactions includes cybersecurity. Also, the broadcasting regulatory function which has expanded to include administering broadcast content, developing media standards and monitoring compliance.

The need to have a strong regulatory framework with the evolving industry trends was much needed as noted by Kenya?s President Uhuru Kenyatta during the launch of the new identity.



With rebranding taking the form of either tweaking of the logo, change in the business model or addition of a new partner. For a successful outcome have a central focus on the customer to build a positive reputation of the brand with the image represented.

Let us know your thoughts on the rebranding of these companies.


Paul Simiyu

Founder and Team Lead of Simpaul Design, a brand strategy and design agency in Nairobi, Kenya. Here at Simpaul Design, we work with brands across various categories with a focus on connecting with consumers and building brands that people want to be a part of. We specialize in brand identity and strategy, UX/UI, and brand transformation.