A New Brand Identity for Slack by Pentagram

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Slack a platform for collaborating and improving on the workflows have released a new brand identity on Wednesday.

Since 2013 Slack has been identified with improving the workflow and communication of professions.


  • According to McKinsey Global Institute, productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees.
  • Use of Slack to communicate simple messages decrease the number of unnecessary emails sent by 30%

So, Slack has helped workers be more productive through a cloud-based set of proprietary collaboration tools.

Pentagram the agency behind the impressive brand identity, state that, the new identity captures the simplicity on the ease of use.

As the multicolour hashtag logo is being replaced with a new identity, the colour palette and the playful visual personality of the brand was retained.

The new slack identity has been tested to work on different scale and context.


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New brand identity

The new logo derived from the past logo hashtag — referred to as “octothorpe” — an organizing element in the platform, allowing teams member to talk about individual projects. However, they do away with the direct representation of the hashtag.

The updated colour palette for Slack new brand identity featured four primary colours.

According to the creative team at Slack and Pentagram, the colour palette was noted to be more manageable than the original’s eleven, which suffered against any background colour other than white.

These revision has enabled the identity to look better on screen, and other main communication channels.

The distinctive aubergine purple used by Slack as an accent colour made Slack more recognizable against the white background.

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