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Gaining Brand Loyalty on a Tight Budget

By November 12, 2021November 17th, 2021No Comments5 min read

Customers are key in branding. Maintaining them for a longer time so that they keep coming back determines the success of the brand.

Brand loyalty is formed when customers make purchases from a specific brand despite there being other brands offering similar services or products. It is positive to say that marketing designs are structured to establish brand loyalty. Therefore, companies must invest in customer service of their products in the market. 

Market trends change with time meaning that customers’ desires and interests also change. Therefore, if brand products or services don’t change or at least adapt to the market trends, then brand loyalty will vanish.

Companies must position themselves accurately and stay updated on the market trends to meet the customers’ desires.

Brand loyalty extends prices customers are willing to make to purchase a product. People commit to making purchases as long as it is worth it.

Brand loyalty results from an emotional connection between the customer and the brand’s products. When a brand addresses the user’s needs, customers don’t need to be convinced to make purchases. 

Brand loyalty is advantageous to you because loyal customers become brand ambassadors by speaking about your products and services to their family members or friends.   Therefore, the following guidelines give insight on what companies should do to strengthen brand loyalty on a tight budget.

Focus on Quality

The brand should focus on what matters both to it and to the customers. Quality stems from the brand’s mission and its core values. The brand should make its customers identify and understand these easily in order to foster loyalty. 

The brand should be specific in defining these. Good branding involves creating services or products that will last in the market that already has high competition from other brands. It is important to show the customer the value of doing business with you. 

Quality should be seen in the products’ communication, customer service and consistency of the brand in all aspects. Brands should seek to exceed the customer expectation and deliver what they promise with high quality standards.

Brands should also guarantee service and products to build trust and demonstrate that quality service is negotiable. This will solidify loyalty between the brand and the customers.

Enhance Customer Experience and Engagement

Brands must understand that creating a positive customer experience is within their control and therefore see to it that they meet the needs and desires of their customers. 

Customer experience determines whether a customer will be back to make a purchase or not. Loyalty results from customer engagement and the brand making them feel they belong in its market of operation. 

Creating a good customer experience through loyalty does not require a lot of money.  The brand should train its customer call representatives and social media managers on how to address the audience. This involves training on the brand identity.

Brands need to consider the networks they use, the language and have timely responses for customer’s queries.

A great customer experience also means the brand checking the needs of the audience, addressing them and asking for feedback. Brands should make it easier for customers to get information whenever they want. This experience should also be personalized to make the customer feel valued.

Brand Consistency

People make friends with people they can trust and customer loyalty will stem from trust in you. Trust results from being true to your word and communicating to the audience when the brand changes its operations or rebrands.

The brand voice, typography and visuals should be consistent across all the platforms and products. This includes website social media or in-person interaction with your customers. 

Trust is built by consistency and companies have to be consistent in everything. Consistency will be developed by clearly defining the brand identity and the brand style guide and ensure it is observed always when representing the brand. 

Consistency demonstrates authenticity and positions the brand as an expert in the market. Consistency should be seen in service delivery, logo design and use, brand personality Brands should also exhibit transparency always to establish trust.

Diversify Social Media Tools

Social media is one of the cheapest tools of marketing and advertising that is easy to use and should be utilized by brands.

In the digital marketing era, most people use the internet to access social media and get information based on their interests. As such, brands must optimize how they use social media to address the needs of their customers. 

Brands must understand how different platforms operate to choose wisely the most beneficial. The aim is to reach a wide audience and demonstrate that you are all over and the audience can reach you easily. Draw more attention to the brand by making it visible to increase the likelihood of connecting with you.

Understanding the audience places you in the appropriate position of meeting their needs and advertising where they hang around. This helps to create high-quality content to make the brand appear on the user’s social media top list. This makes the brand reliable and prompts users to share with one another about the brand. 

Offer Incentives

Customers get attached to what they have used before and will keep going back to it or purchase any time they need. Brands should create programs that reward brand loyalty and keep product prices reasonable to have customers make purchases without considering other brands offering the same.

Brands can offer unexpected incentives in the form of customer discounts, early access to sales or even product launch. This will make the customers feel valued and strengthen the existing bond.


Brand loyalty takes time, creativity and funds. Companies must conduct a thorough financial state analysis to cut on expenses. This may involve using freelancers as opposed to creative agencies or where possible use in-house designers. The above gives a guide on what to focus on to gain loyalty with customers amidst a tight budget.

Paul S

Founder and Team Lead of Simpaul Design, a brand strategy and design agency in Nairobi, Kenya. Here at Simpaul Design, we work with brands across various categories with a focus on connecting with consumers and building brands that people want to be a part of. We specialize in brand identity and strategy, UX/UI, and brand transformation.