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In Need of Freelance Creative Designers? What You Need to Know

By September 14, 2021September 17th, 2021No Comments3 min read

A company or brand requires designers at some point in their journey. Most corporations choose to work with either in-house or freelance designers.

Despite the overwhelming number of available designers and options of hiring them, this process of hiring could be tedious to the extent that many rushes through it and injure their companies and brands in due course.

Why Freelance Designers?

Working with freelancers is good especially when starting up or working on small projects. The is that; they are paid per project and therefore do not need to be included on a monthly payroll. Hiring freelancers also embrace diversification by working with different freelancers with different skills and specializations.

Further, freelancers can be hired based on the different design needs.

It is important to consider the kind of freelance designers to hire when coming up with brand designs. Branding is key in the advancement of any company.

As such, the process of hiring freelance designers should be executed thoughtfully since good graphic design is an investment in a company or brand. This process should consider but not be limited to the following:

Define and Clarify the Goals

Creative designers come with great designs to captivate the attention of the audience. As a brand, defining what is required is important both for you and the designer.

Knowing what you are seeking to achieve will help clarify the project and send the needed image or impression. You should help the designer understand the vision and communicate to them the target audience.

will call for defining what the brand wants improved or designed i.e. the logo, flyer or poster, change in the look and feel of the brand’s appearance. Understanding the elements of the company’s i.e. colours, fonts, language and defining the market strategy is key before hiring a freelance designer.

Defining these goals is important since the freelance designer may be working with you for the first time and will need to be guided and given the confines within which to work from.

Understand the Purpose of the Designer

Knowing the role of a is helps inform the specific work the designers are coming to fulfil. It is important to understand that designers are not responsible for shaping a company’s brand identity or leading the creative strategy team.

Designers come to communicate messages visually to the company’s or brand’s intended audience. Knowing and understanding the designer’s role will determine whether a company should go for a graphic designer, web designer copywriter etc.

Research on the Freelance Hiring Platforms

There are many available Freelancing sites for finding designers and due diligence should be given to select the best. These sites include, Fiverr among others.

Some of the sites like 99designs give an option of creating designers’ contests where they compete and the company or individual reviews the different designs and selects the preferred designer.

The other sites give the option of reviewing designer’s profiles or place a job advert and select designers based on the specifications received. These profiles help review work previously done by designers and make a judgement based on that.

Freelance sites give a variety of freelancers with different skills and at different levels (junior or senior) to serve different preferences.

Other than freelancing sites, there is the option of hiring through. This allows the company or an individual to view different portfolio’s and connects with professional designers who don’t have profiles on freelancing websites. Such portfolio sites include Behance. Its