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Pewin Cabs move to rebrand as PTG Travel

By June 14, 2019March 25th, 2020Branding, Graphic Design, Simpaul Updates

Pewin Cabs a transport solution company serving the Kenyan market has rebranded to PTG Travel. The strategy of the move has been to increase its market share by offering diversified service in the target market.

This comes after ten years of operation since its launch, with PTG Travel being known in providing fast pick-ups with well-trained drivers and a high level of personalized customer care.

The new brand identity for PTG Travel connotes its business goals of providing professional corporate and personal point-to-point transfers which might have informed the location pin in the logo design.

With the aim of having enjoyable rides illustrate the sense of user experience that the company holds at its core for the development of the brand reputation.

Rebranding a company would require considering what may already be working well in your brand and this would include your logo elements, the brand colour palette, typography or the brand style.

For instance, PTG Travel retained the identity they initially had of Pewin Cabs. This has worked in their favor as the feel of continuity with the rebrand has been preserved.


PTG Travel New Identity

The new identity for this transport solution provider brand comes with the change in the company name from Pewin Cabs to PTG Travel that was seen in the new logo and the website and their App.

The website with the app needed to communicate the new identity adopted by the brand and so the rebrand was occasioned with giving a fresh new look for these platforms.

The feature that had been emphasized in the rebranding process is the user-friendly design and consistency of the brand identity and style guide.

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About PTG Travel

Founded in 2008, Pewin Cabs was part of the Pewin Group a family business owned by Peter K. and his wife Winifred hence the name Pewin. The group comprises of Pewin Motors, Pewin Dry Cleaners, and Pewin Supplies.

Other than the professional corporate and personal point-to-point transfers, PTG Travel exceptional service encompasses full day hire that comes with a professional driver and a cost center accounting system that ensures smooth logistics with departmental and user billing.

This customized feature has offered the brand the opportunity to scale the market over its period of operation.


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