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11 Amazing Examples of E-commerce Website Design in Kenya

By February 11, 2019March 25th, 2020No Comments6 min read

Having an online store, selling either grocery, an electronic device or a ticket for a holiday trip the website design is important with the advancing trend to e-commerce.

Getting the principles of web design right will improve the experience your customers will have in your e-commerce platform as they interact with products.

Among other essentials for the success of your e-commerce websites such as simplicity, effective use of visual elements, strong branding, clear data presentation via menus, and catalogues etc, and easy availability of general information they are a necessity for an effective platform.

There are plenty of other web design tips and tricks available for you here. But, in this article, we?ll cover examples of the amazing?e-commerce website.

So, let?s get started.



Jumia is one of the leading online retail stores in Kenya with the implementation of best practices both online and offline.

This e-commerce store continues to expand its range of products, with the scope of offerings that will increase in variety, simplicity and convenience.

Jumia?s website is beautiful and well designed. It?s the simplistic design of the website that makes it stands out among the other platforms.

A reminder, high-quality photos are also important when running an online e-commerce business, especially if it is a product based website.



Kilimall is a retail-customer base e-commerce website that offers products that span various categories including electronics such as smartphones, laptops, subwoofer etc, Clothing, Home Appliances, Fashion bag, Baby Products, makeup to mention a few.

The e-commerce website started off in 2014 with the aim of becoming the leading e-commerce platform in Africa. With appealing brand colours, this website gives off a very clean, simple, and cheerful feeling.

Additionally, they have amazing photography. The frequently updated product slider on their homepage sets the feeling for the rest of the website design.

The range of services are designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with the retail process; order delivery-tracking, dedicated customer service support and many other premium services.

The e-commerce website is highly customer-centric and is committed to finding innovative ways of improving the customers’ shopping experience.

Their website is strategically distributed beyond Kenya to Uganda and Nigeria.

Shopping with Kilimall App will bring you millions of cash rewards and the best customer services, download Kilimall App APK and enjoy the best service online in Kenya.



If you are looking for inspiration on how to design an e-commerce website Masoko is a good place to start. With a bit of Masoko touch to the website design, visitors to this e-commerce website can easily navigate between new products based on the latest arrivals, occasions, accessories, or sale items.

Masoko is a lifestyle brand, technology brands, innovations and trends developed by Safaricom.

Safaricom has played an important role in placing Africa and specifically Kenya, on top of innovations. With

Masoko as one of such innovation is aimed at changing the way Africa shop!

The e-commerce website design of Masoko focuses on the convenience of shopping the best deals in an online shop and marketplace offering tech, fashion, the latest trends and everyday essentials.



This is an e-commerce clothing website for gents. We are proud to have developed the user-experience for Jenttman.

Jenttman as an e-commerce website offers a totally unique online retail experience exclusively for the gentleman in Africa & beyond. Our choice of colour, type of photography and typography had to complement.


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The store is growing into a brand that stirs digital innovation within the region through an independent spirit by inspiring its fashion-loving customer to experiment with style.




Skygarden is a great example of an online shopping e-commerce website design to take inspiration from. With their eye-catching photography and user-friendly website, it provides an equal balance between a clean aesthetic and responsive design.

The e-commerce website store has great use of the brand colour creating a lasting impression of the brand to the customers.

Their products display are elegant and clean. The website design makes use of the colour of the products and white space in the background to show off the products.


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This e-commerce website has adopted simplicity as a principle in the design. Skygarden website design makes the products easy to browse and easy to digest.



Electrohub sells electronics. Their e-commerce website design is full of a great design layout.

On the landing page, first are the slider with quality photos of the products. The second is in the alignment of the products with the copy on their homepage.

Notice that the landing page illustrate the experience with the product creating that connection. The choice of typography on the product description also helps create a unique feeling for the products.

This e-commerce website is especially helpful to look at if you are looking for some ideas on how to photograph electronic products for your e-commerce website yourself.



Travelstart is your an online travel shop. They offer airfares on international and domestic flights, vehicle hire options from top car rental companies and hotel reservations according to customers? budget.

Travelstart home page focuses a lot more on identifying your travel needs and offer at your convenience and budget.

They also aim at quality and pride instead of offering the latest sales or promotions. In line with this e-commerce website design, it has worked to their advantage and enhanced its website design experience with their customers.

The website has integrated customization on your holiday travel packages making it fit in the local market.


The reason Cheki is on the comparison to other e-commerce website design is that they offer a reliable and cost-effective widest range of quality vehicles.

Their homepage is not what most online stores look like. Cheki doesn?t sell cars directly but offers a platform for users to buy and sell their cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles.

With a huge reach for serious buyers, for car dealers, importers and individual sellers we provide, their web design is easy to navigate.

Simplicity in navigation easy the purchase process. Doing something a little different can help your bottom line a lot.

We host a dedicated community of people who love cars, while still supporting even the first-time buyer in their purchasing decision.



This beautifully designed e-commerce store has well use of white space, which helps to present the items more prominently.

Avechi has a very neat and clean design, making the website look very professional and sophisticated. The items are listed in a simplistic manner, but when an item is clicked on, it is accompanied by a lengthy description for those who are interested in knowing more about the product.

If you are looking for how to design a website in a unique way, you can definitely take some inspiration from the amazing website design of Avechi.



Everything starting from the name until the design of this e-commerce website is memorable.

As?EatOut serves as e-commerce for restaurants, it also acts as a directory for listing restaurants with the food and place they are located.

So is EautOut e-commerce or a directory?

That?s a question for another day.

EatOut focuses on demonstrating the high quality of restaurant joints with the discounts offered.

As soon as you are on the homepage of this website, you can search based on the type of restaurant and your location. The homepage also has reviews based on the customers’ experience with the restaurants.

The amazing design of this website shows the smallest of details to entice the potential buyer.



Mimi is is an online selling cloth store. The e-commerce website design has photos of women dressed in the clothes they sell to promote the product.

Their homepage is full of with various promotions such as free delivery, sales and promotional information too.


Is there any site me missed to include in?this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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