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How Giving Away Free Brand Identity Benefits The Whole Community

By February 24, 2018February 12th, 2019No Comments5 min read

A good brand should not only allow people to remember who you are but communicate your story and values to the market ? This actually the essence of brand identity.

Even as we develop a brand identity with all of the visual components in mind that the brand uses, the sole aim is to differentiate from others in the market.

Most of the top-notch brands have identified with developing an identity that not only communicates their stands with the current contemporary style but also incorporating the brand’s story and still remains relatively consistent.

Point to note: It is more important to build brand identity and not just a brand identity but one that endures. Brand building is actually a process with the progressive effort resulting in an established long-term relationship with the target market.

A successful brand can be identified with how people connect with it throughout their communication.

In the case that the branding process has been applied with the frequently cited brands and has worked in building a lasting brand identity, what if the same could be extended to a community-based organization imagine what would be the result.

One of the favourite programs that we were brought on board to develop a lasting brand identity was Design 2 Transform. This was followed by a number of extensive meeting in order to get a wider scope of the initiative.

The program sought to utilize local talents in transforming local communities and articulate their message on a digital platform not limited to other parameters in actualizing this.

The event was termed ?Hackathon? were computer programmers and others professionals involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic designers, user interface and user experience designers, content developers and project managers, collaborating intensively on software projects to help Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

One of the outstanding features of the program was that Design 2 Transform Hackathon development of the website( one of the deliverables) it was a one-day hackathon challenge.

The working theory was able to bring together individuals with different backgrounds who worked in teams to develop a digital platform and a brand identity for the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to give them online visibility.

This is where we came in, we need to develop a brand identity for Design 2 Transform Hackathon first.

Developing the visual identity for the brand also needed to feel fully integrated into the company culture. It may not be prudent if it is drastically different away from the objective of the brand.

Well, a design brief as words can be tossed around in developing brand identity the fact is it remains to be the basis of a brand identity design project.

However, you may also need to expound on your unique value proposition in the brand identity to develop a competitive advantage in the market.


Download Cheat Sheet: 10 Steps on How to Write An Efficient Design Brief.


Remember, the true value of a brand identity lies in the view of the target audience. It explains that the consumer?s knowledge about the existence of the brand and its repeated exposure of the identity draws instant attention from people.

Check out how we went about it.


Design Brief Developed For Design 2 Transform

Naturally, our digital branding process starts by getting to know more about the client and the perception they would wish to create in the mind of the customers as they interact with their brand.

All the brand identity materials we created for the program needed to be clear in communicating the aim and the message of the program.

A unique layout, simple element and font type incorporating the logo concept was the direction that we went on with.

The identity had to work on the various platform from print to digital media ? this also being one of the principles of good digital branding.

You can see the logo concept of the program below and the publicity material at the top of this article.



Background Information

A well-developed design brief is clearly defined as much as the background information is well outlined. It is way helpful to the designer or creative team gets a better understanding of your organization.

Here is the background information for this case study:
In Kenya, many of these organizations are yet to establish an impressive digital footprint. They have not been able to catch up with what the Internet is offering as far as publicity and visibility is concerned.

Design 2 Transform focus in providing an online presence to the fortunate community-based organization to boost the reach of these organizations.

In March 2016, we met this team of ambitious developers and web designers of Web4All. Design 2 Transform a constituent of Web 4 All offered a platform were young creative offer back to the community in a ?Hackathon? developing sites and creating a visual identity for Community-Based Organizations (CBO).

Based on the Design 2 Transform Report of 2016, the team has been able to hold five editions were local talents have been used in transforming the communities lifestyle.

The program has also been able to develop websites and brand identity from online platforms such as social media with communicating their objectives.

Numerous CBO has benefited from the program branded ?Hackathon?. Online presence for this community-based organization has been the major outcome of the program.

The editions of the program have been able to attract 100+ volunteers.

Simpaul Design, for past one year have worked closely with Design 2 Transform in creating the campaign and brand material for Kenya’s largest design driven event ? Design 2 Transform, run by Web 4 All.



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