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A company may require to rebrand in the need to reflect its growth or evolution in the business module.

Liaison Group has unveiled a new brand identity to reflect the company’s evolution into a non-banking financial services organization.


About Liaison Group

Liaison Group was founded in 1981 as a non-banking financial services company that deals in risk and insurance, healthcare, pensions and investments advisory. Its operation has been in markets across Africa including Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, China, DRC Congo, Morocco, Rwanda, UK, China, Uganda and South Sudan.

According to the? Group Managing Director Mr Tom Mulwa, during the launch of the new brand Liaison Group, has grown to be a market leader in innovation and technology. Having footprints across Africa with many ground-breaking products and solution-based portfolio.

In unifying these assets into a holistic brand that is easily understood by our clients and all stakeholders, Liaison Group had the need to rebrand.


Liaison Group Rebranding

The rebranding of the group included a complete redesign of the company’s logo, website, visual elements and their style guide. The rebranded identity and assets were to have a blue and white colour palette logo. The new visual elements utilized the principle of simplicity, and still have an element of boldness in conveying the company solutions.

The use of the wordmark (logotype) logo – a font-based logo that focuses on a business name alone has made their identity to be distinct and more memorable to the target market. However, the choice of typography used is an important decision that needs to be keenly sorted in order to be relevant in communicating about the brand.


The new logo serves to reemphasize Liaison Group traditional strengths, perspective on corporate governance, its reputation and credibility in the market all with the aim to bring the brand alive.


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Paul Simiyu

Founder and Team Lead of Simpaul Design, a brand strategy and design agency in Nairobi, Kenya. Here at Simpaul Design, we work with brands across various categories with a focus on connecting with consumers and building brands that people want to be a part of. We specialize in brand identity and strategy, UX/UI, and brand transformation.