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Total Rebranding to TotalEnergies: Importance of Branding

By August 23, 2021November 17th, 2021No Comments5 min read

In the corporate setup, branding sends the message that the company is shifting according to the current times and its market evolving to be friendlier to its customers and consumers. Branding is key as it gives the consumer a memorable impression of the company, giving them the allowance of what to expect.

For ultimate results, giving clarity on why you are the better choice based on what you are offering is key in distinguishing you against your competitors. This is important in the modern day of social media and technology where customers and consumers have a variety of choices at their disposal. Branding will make you stand out.

Importance of Branding

Branding is important for a company’s advancement due to three major reasons:


I. Gives the opportunity to communicate with your consumers.

It is important for the company to give an understanding of who they are, as from the onset to your audience. This will not only define and solidify your identity to them but will also build trust with your prospects or customers.

To communicate clearly about your brand, your branding should have unique storytelling that sends your personality. From the use of key defining words, to your logo and the specific colours therein, you are able to send a thrilling story of who you are hence building an emotional connection with your audience. The emotional connection instantly draws attention and is appealing to the masses which boosts your recognition.

Good storytelling will also give you the confidence of presenting your business or company to your target audience.


II. Helps define the purpose and give direction to your company.

Branding is the face of the company to your audience as well as your team members. Branding gives clarity about your mission, vision and values as a company. Good branding brings a new sense of direction or identity to your company through the organizational structure and strategy, your intelligence and the risks too. To the team members, this clarity establishes a valuable connection to like-minded ideas especially in delivering results and fulfilling the mission of the company.

On the other hand, the clarity of purpose gives your audience an opportunity to test what you stand for and deliver hence giving them a reason to trust you and guard you against your competitors.


III. It is all about delivering results.

As a company, the goal is to grow in service provision, financially and in the audience. A good brand strategy requires giving in of time, finances and creativity which is important because it’s an asset.

While this is costly, the financial value of the outcome will be worth it if well executed. Further, branding, as well as rebranding, will create positive employee morale and the overall company culture. With the new outlook, you send the perception of what your company represents and your commitment to attaining that which builds loyalty in your team and from your customers.


Total Rebranding to TotalEnergies

Recently, Total Company rebranded from Total to TotalEnergies as a move to repaint itself as a clean energy company across the globe. As the largest oil and gas marketer in Kenya and East Africa, the French oil giant is the latest oil company to rebrand itself transitioning to a more sustainable business model and create long term investment opportunities.

Branding brings itself a new business model to expand its market. TotalEnergies is seeking to extend its market beyond the oil and gas sector to include renewable energy i.e. solar, wind and green hydrogen.

The change of the name and its rebranding strategy is key as it places itself as an oil company that is seeking to reduce the use of oil and gas and in turn, embrace the use of low carbon renewable energy.

TotalEnergies has rebranded itself from the name, logo and colours of the logo. The new logo symbolizes the energy journey which contains 7 colours that depict the different sources of energy; oil, natural gas, electricity, hydrogen, biomass, wind and solar energies.


TotalEnergies rebranding is timely in a fast-moving world that is seeking to implement the Sustainable Development Goals with the specific attention on Goal 7: “Affordable and Clean Energy”. Energy is the leading contributor to climate change and therefore, its efficiency is key. TotalEnergies rebrand positions itself as a petroleum company that is in pursuit of this goal by being ECO friendly and ECO conscious.

  • According to them, “The new look and design have automatically re-energized the high level of service we offer our customers through its innovative and modern service stations.” TotalEnergies, therefore, prides itself in the new look as it offers:
  • A totem that blends into the environment
  • A friendly and functional environment
  • Enhanced and clean service area
  • It also communicates sustainable development to customers and station visitors. The warm ambience makes Total Service Stations cooler and fresher.

With less than 2 months since the announcement of its rebranding, TotalEnergies is actualizing its marketing with the transformation witnessed in the modification of its service stations with the new look.

TotalEnergies rebrand is sending a statement of its goal of achieving the stipulated aims of the Paris Agreement of addressing climate change and reducing the negative impacts i.e. climate pollution.

The clarity of its goals and specific targets has placed it in the limelight and in a position to be held accountable for its goals. This rebrand move already won the hearts of its shareholders with over 90% rooting for its shift to renewable energy.



Besides the new logo look, the rebrand has seen the use of catchy phrases like “Energy is reinventing itself” and becoming a “Green Energy Major” as well as the promotion video. This sends its story giving its commitment to focus on renewable energy by giving more energy with fewer emissions as a strategy push. This is giving it a new identity in the oil and gas market and the global spectrum at large.



What this rebrand means for TotalEnergies globally and specifically in the Kenyan and East African market, as the remaining multinational corporate is that, it has the opportunity to closely work with regional governments seeking to advance strategies leading to the prioritization of the move to using green energy.

Climate change and energy transition as a goal for these countries open up a variety of opportunities for TotalEnergies that will bring economic benefits including trading in the stock exchange market and guarantee energy security that is less costly.

Share your thoughts on the rebrand of Total to TotalEnergies in the comment section below.