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Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Web Design

By October 7, 2021November 17th, 2021UX / UI Design, Website Design

Samuel Moore Walton, the gifted entrepreneur who founded the retail giant, Walmart, has this to say about customer service,

“The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”

With competition today more fierce than ever, providing exceptional customer service and experience has never been more important.

Nowadays, your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have access to. It acts as your 24/7 salesman and is the centrepiece of your marketing efforts.

Web Design Essential

To ensure you provide a legendary customer experience, below are some of the most important web design essentials you should keep in mind:

#01: Make Sure You Have an Engaging Homepage

Some studies indicate you only have 8 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention. This also means you only have 8 seconds to impress your visitors and highlight what makes your brand stand out, so they are compelled to make a purchase.

If your website has an unappealing design, it is difficult for them to even notice what you are offering.

To create a favourable first impression and entice visitors to continue exploring your website, consider the following basics:

  • Ensure you have an uncluttered and clean layout that places your brand front and center.
  • Integrate visuals with attractive and bold typography that displays well on mobile devices and desktops.
  • Ensure you pay attention to the colors you are using, as they can have a psychological impact on your visitors.

While you should not limit the changes you can make to your homepage to the tips above, they are great starting points when improving your homepage.

#02: Ensure Visitors Can Easily Find What They are Looking For

While the way your website is presented is crucial, it’s not the only element you need to take into account.

The usability of your website or how easy it is to use is another vital aspect you should look into if you want to deliver a superb customer experience. To enhance the online customer experience, focus on the following key elements:

  • Navigation. Ideally, your website’s navigation should be effortless and intuitive. When your site’s navigation leaves your visitors confused and irritated, you have lost them—it’s that simple. When it comes to navigation, your primary focus should be clarity. When exploring your site’s menu, they should easily understand how it is organized and what links to follow to get to where they want to be. 
  • Content Organization. Visitors scan websites while looking for snippets of information. With that in mind, you need to make sure your announcements, product categories, and headlines are easy to find and even easier to read.

#03: Make the Online Experience Accessible Everywhere

Over the years, mobile traffic has grown significantly, and this trend has not shown any signs of slowing down. This means you can no longer afford to ignore those people who access your website using their mobile phones and other devices. This also means you need to look into responsive design.

Nowadays, responsive web design is considered the standard against which customers measure and judge their experience on your website. From your rewards program to your product pages, your website should be able to adjust to any screen size. It should also function properly and look good regardless of the device used.

Your site’s load time is another crucial factor that can impact your search engine rank and accessibility. It’s safe to assume that most people nowadays don’t have the patience to wait for slow-loading pages to load fully.

Typically, if it takes more than five seconds for your website to load, they will simply leave and look for information elsewhere.

The following are small tweaks you can do to combat this traffic churn:

  • Ensure all your images are optimized to minimize wait times and maximize load speeds.
  • Ensure your overall design has a lot of white space to speed up your loading time dramatically.
  • Ensure you disable the autoplay for all your multimedia elements (video and audio).

#04: Create an Emotional Connection

Apart from being an extremely powerful marketing tool, your website can also help you build some sense of credibility. At its core, your web design should create a powerful emotional connection with your visitors. 

Undeniably, people are more likely to trust brands with professional-looking websites. Once you earn their trust, it is easier to convince them to visit your site again or purchase from you.

Over to You

Now that you have a better insight and understanding of web design’s impact on customer experience, it should be easier for you to make the necessary tweaks that can help ensure every visitor’s experience is a legendary one.

Shawn Byrne

Shawn Byrne is the founder and CEO of My Biz Niche, an Arizona-based digital marketing and web design company that has achieved superior results for its clients. Before My Biz Niche, Shawn worked for Venture Capitalists where he built a private portfolio of e-commerce and informational websites that generate revenue through various digital marketing strategies.