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Why Logo Design Is an Important Part of Your Brand Identity

By October 15, 2021November 17th, 2021No Comments5 min read

What would a body without a face to attach to look like? Yes! You are right! It would be meaningless. So is the case of having a company without a logo or worse, a substandard one for that matter.

A logo is the first thing about a company/brand that people recognize and associate it with. It is the main visual component of the brand that sends an imprint on the users’ minds. Logos communicate ownership, quality and values of the company to the audience, highlighting the fundamental mission of the brand.

A logo depicts the name, and objectives of the company through visual representation.  As such, strategic designing of this aspect of the brand identity is important and should be given attention. The crucial elements of a logo such as an image (its size, placement, symbols used etc.), colours and the typography should be noticeable and demonstrate consistency.

As the first thing that people interact with, it is important to give the best and firm first impression through its presentation.  The logo should capture the attention of the people and be what they identify with whenever they think of your products or services. 

Importance of Logo Design

Since a logo appears on the company’s website, products, business cards, social media etc., it will always be noticed and therefore, the following addresses why a good logo design is important in branding.

Creates a First Impression

People decide whether to stay or leave within the first few seconds of interaction with a website based on what they have seen. Accuracy is therefore important to make this impression stick in the audience’s mind and win them into becoming customers.

Giving the right impression is worth money since a customer gained is money received and vice versa. Therefore, the right impression cannot be compromised. It is what makes the audience stay or leave. Understanding the impression you want to make and the target audience when designing the logo will make them find your personality interesting and better than the others.


Showcases Brand Message

A logo communicates the brand’s mission and business values to the audience without speaking. It visually projects the idea of the brand and should therefore portray a meaningful message. A good and interesting logo allows the audience to pause and ponder on it trying to understand what is being communicated. As such, the audience should find something useful from the logo design.

A good logo is the fastest way of introducing the company/brand to new customers and delivering the company’s message to them. Should this be miscommunicated, losing the customers is inevitable. As part of sending the brand message, the logo depicts consistency, credibility and dependability which potentially leads to a long-lasting customer relationship.

Further, a unique logo connotes innovativeness and creativity on your side thus giving the impression of having a skilled and intelligent team. It also shows the focus on details, competence, and expertise of the brand and demonstrates professionalism. This is what you want as a brand identity and communicate it.

Create Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is important and is what many businesses aim for. Consumers tend to stick with what is in their memories and therefore a well-stuck logo will have people think of you first whenever they need to make a purchase. A logo that creates a superior customer experience over that of other similar companies sends a message that the brand can be trusted.

Knowing the image you want to stay in the audience and your logo communicating the message of devotion to quality work, attention to customer service, community outreach and fulfilling customers’ expectations gives you an upper hand win their loyalty

People are emotional beings and will therefore relate to what intrigues their emotions. A logo that creates an emotional connection and positive memories or experiences in the users’ minds wins their loyalty. As such, having positive emotions sent will cause you to be the falling point whenever customers need your services or products.

A good logo catches the attention of people and makes them want to learn more about the brand/company. Sending the right message through the design.


Standing Out/Sells Brand Identity

The business world is very competitive with numerous companies/brands offering similar or related products and services. This calls for accurate strategizing to differentiate oneself from others and win the customers to yourself.

A well-designed logo makes a brand/company unique causing it to stand out. Having a catchy logo is, therefore, crucial to grab the customers’ attention. Part of having a good brand identity is being unique, meaning that one is not doing what others are doing. The logo should communicate the brilliance of the brand’s products and services. 

Customers are looking for the authenticity of a company/brand. A poorly done logo is a complete turnoff and gives the impression that the brand is not sustainable and gives doubt about delivering. This is not good for a brand identity.

Marketing Tool

A logo is among the selling points of the brand/company and therefore, it is a key marketing tool. On branding, having a strong brand is a must for effective sales increase and winning new customers.  Positioning the company’s products/services and proper messaging is crucial to attaining this.

In this digital age where most people operate on digital platforms and social media, a well-designed logo is a good marketing tool since where the brand name appears, so will the logo. Therefore, a memorable logo attracts people and if it impresses them, they become customers and the brand sells.


Having a good logo design for a brand should be a top priority as it gives you a fighting chance in the competitive business world. As a visual tool, it gives the expression of the company’s brand identity. Lack of it or a poorly done logo design would cause you to miss out on having your business miss out on sticking into the minds of the customers.